Heya guys

Just over a month ago i upgraded my phone from a Nokia 3650. Now, im on Vodafone through Singlepoint, and the previous year i had paid £5 a month extra as part of an upgrade scheme, which i was told would mean i would get a better upgrade at the end of the 12 month contract.

When i came to upgrade, i inquired about this scheme and was told something along the lines of "oh, that was cancelled a while ago, you shouldn't have been paying the extra, but i'll do you a deal on the upgrade". Alarm bells rang, but i was in desperate need of a phone (the nokia was sadly dying), so i asked what was available.

I was offered 2 phones, a pretty old and plain siemens, or a Motorola V525. As the sales person explained what it could do, i was researching it on the web. The guy said that it could sync with my pc through bluetooth, something i required, or failing that i could use the usb connection (implying it came with the relevant cable). So, i opt for it, and after waiting about 12 days (a seperate rant about Citylink ) i receive the phone.

Now, one month on, and i am having problems with it. Not only did it not come with a usb cable (have to buy it seperately), nor did it come with software to connect to my pc via BT (ditto), but it also randomly freezes, and there are long periods of time where it does not receive texts or phone calls. The final straw came yesterday when i suddenly got an alert saying i had missed 8 calls, one of which was very important (very nearly cost me £200+ for missing it).

So, today i phone up Singlepoint, who say that because the fault is in the phone, and not caused by damage, that it isnt covered under the insurance that im paying £6 a month extra for. Instead i will have to send it off to Motorola (paying delivery costs myself) and be without a phone for 5-10 working days.

I understand that contractually they are not obliged to do anything else, but am i the only person who finds this a bit off?

They say i cannot terminate the contract unless i pay up front for the outstanding months Im tempted to get a nokia 7610 through a different company and just strip my current contract down to the bare minimum.

Any thoughts?