Hey all,

I seem to be going round in circles with who is responsible for pushing up the security updates for my LG G4 (H815) phone. I got it through O2 on contract but due to getting it through carphone warehouse I believe it is an unlocked phone on the LG firmware?

I have sent Lg multiple emails on there site and keep getting different responses. the main issue is that the responses come from an email address that doesn't receive replies.

one response is that they do not know when i am to receive any update and couldn't give me any eta at all.
one response I got was to contact google because they are the ones to provide the updates which I believe to be a complete lie.

The most recent response is that the network provider are the ones who push out the updates to contact them instead.

the Main point seems to be that the updates are pushed out in batches and I should receive it soon but do not know which month patch I will receive when I finally do get it.

what is the point is LG producing the monthly security updates if they do not supply them to the affected devices.

I want to know for certain who is responsible for providing me with the updates so I can complain to the right company /department
I feel I have more chance of winning the lottery than getting the security updates from LG in a timely manner.