I've got very little experience with the tons of mobiles out there at the moment, the various members of the family use Nokia 3410's which I get on with fine but they are getting dated and don't look that great.

I was recently asked to look for another cheap Handset to replace some very old and hard to use Sony. So I had a look around and on Wednesday purchased a Nokia 1101 with £15 credit for £24.99 from Virgins clearance page.

I placed an order at 18:30 on Wednesday and it arrived Thursday! So pretty good service and the handset is very nice for the money.

However I'm now looking for something similar myself, a cheap PAYG, easy to operate handset that calls and texts well. No need for fancy stuff, camera's etc but I would like something that looks nice. While the 1101 is a nice handset, I'd like something different, even if it is just for the sake that.

There are two other handsets in their clearance section as well, both pretty cheap and can be seen using the next link. But I'm not so sure on how good they are, I have read some reviews and done some research but with little joy.


I've also found the Orange Reconditioned page, which also does cheap phones:

http://www.orangeaccessories.co.uk/r...phone/all.html - The 3120 looks a very good price from what I've seen elsewhere.

Motorola V220 Black on Orange or Virgin for only £39.95

Nokia 6030 Black with £10 credit £49.97

The black 6030 looks very nice, but I'm not so sure it's worth the £50. From what I've read many people didn't think it was worth the money when it was released, due to the lack of features.

Either way, I'm still looking for a cheap handset myself, so if anyone knows any other places that do cheap PAYG handsets that are either new or reconditioned/refurbished please let me know. Also interested to hear people’s views and experiences on the various models, any recommendations would be great.

I have a £50/£40 or under budget for a decent looking and easy to use PAYG phone. So any and all suggestions would be a great help! Not worried which network and I'm happy with reconditioned/refurbished phones, although I won't buy from eBay, for obvious reasons.

Thanks in advance.