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Thread: The new Hexus Teams - Setting up Folding at Home

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    Re: The new Hexus Teams - Setting up Folding at Home

    the entire world sadly decided that Charity started in their bank account and ended in their own income.

    so Folding became second import to the power of Crypto mining.

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    Re: The new Hexus Teams - Setting up Folding at Home

    Of course, guess I'm just a little surprised they still haven't swapped back. You know, what with utility companies, governments, environmental agencies and more pushing back on amateur mining, scam ICOs and general knowledge that cryptocurrencies are a crutch for criminals reducing appeal, and being the least relaible / most volatile method of payment in general.

    Isn't it ironic that people were working hard folding years ago when mining would have made infinitely more sense, and now that it's difficult, they choose mining over folding? I must be crazy.

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    Re: The new Hexus Teams - Setting up Folding at Home

    Nice info

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