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Thread: Setting Up a Home Server

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    Setting Up a Home Server

    Right, gonna be getting my hands on a P3 ~400Mhz, and a smallish hard drive (few gigs, not going to be for file storage). I want to be able to run a webserver (supporting virtual hosts, as I have 2 domains and 1 IP), mailserver with spam filtering and hopefully webmail as well running from the domains as Web sharing also needs to be supported, and automatic caching of popular pages which don't change much will be nice too. If possible, some sort of traffic shaping so game packets get priroity over Kazaa packets. Also would be nice to have it acting as a print server.

    I'm open to all suggestions of operating systems, and don't mind putting effort in to get it set up, just want no conflicts between programs at the end, and to be able to back up the config easily, and remote admin it.

    I'm assuming some sort of Linux OS, was looking at maybe ClarkConnect and then adding the extra bits on myself?

    All input appriciated.

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    Clarkconnect sounds perfect for the job IMHO.

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    Another vote for clarkconnect - Will handle that lot no problem

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