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Thread: Windows 2003 Remote Desktop

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    Windows 2003 Remote Desktop

    Have installed Windows 2003 Server onto my server at home and Remote desktop connectes fine from work with one slight problem -

    When you log into RD on WinXP you log into the existing session thats already running if you use the same account. When you log into RD with 2003 and use an account thats already logged in (so you can monitor downloads etc) then it logs you in as that user BUT uses a different session.... You can see this by going to the "users" tab in task manager and seeing 2 accounts with the same name logged in.

    Anyone know how to get RD on 2003 to log into an existing session like it does in XP ??

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    i don't get that here O_o

    if the 2k3 box is logged in, and you disconnect that session (i.e. close the client app via the x), then it should keep that connection open. if you log in again with the same username than it'll restore the existing session - unless someone ELSE is still connected to that session, where it'll spawn a new one

    and as far as i can tell, remote and local connections are segregated i.e. you can't connect to a session which has been logged into locally via remote desktop, and vice versa

    i'll check though.

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    you can log onto the console session by using the mstsc.exe /console
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