Ive just done a fresh install of winxp 64bit professional and Im trying out what programs work and so forth. At the moment Im having a problem with power dvd. Im using version 7 and installing the upgrade up to the point where you can still open movie files on the hard drive (the latest upgrade disables this feature). On my winXP 32bit install this allowed me to play a HD DVD backup on my hard drive just fine with no issues. On my winxp 64bit install the HD DVD plays from the hard drive but is distorted. the lower half of the screen is just smudged, like its been dragged downwards.
Ive tried installing the latest update then converting the HD DVD backup into an ISO and mounted it. The playback is still distorted.
Are there any options in power dvd that I can use to fix this?
Is there any alternative to power dvd to play HD DVD or BLU RAY back ups in winXP 64bit?