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Thread: system folders on second hdd

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    system folders on second hdd

    I was recently given an old Seagate 1.2gig hard disk which I fixed into my case today. I had a quick look at it (I'm running WinXP Home btw) and there were three folders - My Documents (empty), System Volume Information (had a fair few files in), and Recycled (which linked to my Recycle Bin; I assume that's normal). I dismissed these as leftovers from the original owner without really thinking about it and formatted it to FAT32.

    So far, so good. I rebooted a couple of times while I was fiddling with other things on my system and came back to the hard disk a little while later. The Recycled and System Volume Information folders have reappeared, although the only file that exists is 'change.log' nested in otherwise empty subdirectories in System Volume Information. Is this normal? I was expecting the disk to remain blank, but thinking about it now, it's unlikely that this disk (being so small) was the main boot disk for the original owner. So what's the story here? Is this some kind of XP 'feature'?



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    Perfectly normal Behaviour - Nothing to worry about.

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