Not used newsgroups in ages, hate Outlook Express and I've been using Outlook 2000 as my mail client for quite a while.

Now looking at getting Thunderbird to replace Outlook and be the news client, as it looks a little easier to perform manual backups of the data more than anything - but I've come across a slight problem...

I have set up a newsfeed no problems, got my sig sorted and done a few posts (starting in .test like a good boy) and I've set up 2 mail accounts for my domains and verified they send & receive no bother.
Even imported my mail & contacts from Outlook with no issues.

And here's the "but"... is it not possible to set up a message filter to forward (or even reply) to emails that match a criteria?
The Rules Wizard in Outlook is very powerful and I have a rule I enable for forwarding a copy of all received email to my work account - then I just disable it when I get home.
All Thunderbird seems to give me are options to move the mail within the folders, or mark it as junk?

I was also disappointed to see it defaults to HTML format for emails, and it doesn't disable external image links by default either

(It seems my way of working is almost exactly the opposite of the defaults in Firefox and Thunderbird, lol.)

Also - is there no extension to be able to override the "from" addres on the fly?
I often create email addresses in my domains for registering on sites, and if they get auto-subscribed to junk then I change my "From" address in a one-off email to get removed.
Don't seem to have that luxury in Thunderbird - I can only pick the addresses predefined in whichever accounts I have configured?