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Thread: PHP Questions and a book recommendation

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    PHP Questions and a book recommendation

    Im currently looking for alternative ways to store information I upload to my website. At the moment information is stored in the actual webpage its self. Now that the site site content is growing im finding it harder and harder to manage site updates, so im looking towards PHP/MySQL. But before I ask for recommendations for a book there are a few things i would like to clear up....

    1) Say i have link1 link2 link3 link4 etc running along the top of each web page I have, could I use PHP/MySQL to manage the updating of these links? What I mean is, if I want to change the name of the links or their destination I would have to go into each page and edit the links untill they are correct. This is obviously time consumming. But could a database hold the links in one place and have any changes filter through to each page. In essence I would only be changing the link at one location but its change would be echoed through all pages involved.

    2)Can PHP handle page layout in anyway like CSS can. If so what can it do and would it be better to do things like this rather than with CSS?

    3)Could I apply PHP/MySQL to a site which is not database driven, but still keep the appearance/layout of the site the same as before?

    4) If all the above are yes, what else can PHP/MySQL do as far as beginners are concerned.

    Finally im after a really sound PHP/MySQL book, which is clear to read, easy to understand, some where around the £20 mark (cheaper is prefered) and is up to date.

    Also, would I be better of with a PHP book or a PHP/MySQL book?

    I did some browsing of what I thought were good books last week, but i've forgotten what they were. Ill edit this post later and add the books im intersted in to see what your views/opinions are.

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    You can download the first 4 chapters for free

    PHP is a server side language which can be used to generate HTML or CSS if you want.
    1) yes
    2) PHP can generate CSS as an output or it can use static style sheets.
    3) yes
    4) read the book

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    from the o'reilly series -
    web database applications with php and mysql -
    quite a good beginners guide -
    covers a bit of pear, but no smarty.

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