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Thread: Hotmail & Web Messenger

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    Hotmail & Web Messenger

    Ok, got a smallish prob....

    At work I cant install MSN Messenger... Sooo.. Couple of weeks back when I logged into hotmail from work, I was automatically signed into MSN Messenger, the web version.. MS seemed to have integrated it into the hotmail pages and hotmail contacts (YAY!!!) and it worked really well.....

    Today, I login to hotmail, but NOT messenger (BOOOOOOO!)... To login it says I need to download the messenger app......

    This kinda sucks... I know I can log into the standalone version of web messenger, but I really really like the one that was part of hotmail... Anyone know if MS changed this overnight as it was working perfectly well yesterday.....


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    Try this - it's a web based version of MSN messenger, so no need to download anything!

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