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Thread: could not load? on start up

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    could not load? on start up

    Dont know if this is the right place to post it but ever since i updated my windows xp proffessional. i have been getting 2 errors on start which say could not load so and so file, sry cant remember the name but i will post when i reboot my pc next, and then i just press ok and it goes away then it takes a while to load applications. not sure if i should do a system restore and ignore those windows updates. I can vaguely remember one error as could not load kernel dot something. but after like 10 minutes the pc is back to normal i can connect o the bt broadband and carry on do what i normally do.
    Would be grateful to an anyone that can solve this as its really annoying on startup. Btw i have not installed service pack 2 (would be nice to get some ppls views on it as well)


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      • 23" DELL Ultrasharp U2312HM
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      • 16mb broadband
    Can you post details of the errors? Write them down if you can. I seem to recall something I had similar to your problem but won't know without the added info.

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