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Thread: Outlook Express, and deleting Emails

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    Outlook Express, and deleting Emails

    why on EARTH does Outlook Express grind a PC to a halt IF you delete lots emails.

    It ALWAYS needs a reboot.

    If you Shift Click on maybe 300 emails and delete them all.....apart from the huge amount of time it takes to do it, the PC runs like a DOG until you reboot.

    Whats THAT all about?

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    cos its a pants mail client?

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    Deleting a couple of thousand of e-mails in Thunderbird takes a fair few seconds and the program just sits there. However the system is fine afterwards.

    How strange.
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    FWIW I tend to find outlook express has problems dealing with attachments... Not the old security issues... But I've found that it only really has problems for me if I'm deleting / moving e-mails with attachments - even if the attachments are really small. FWIW though I personally think OE and Outlook proper are pants... Some of the worse software MS is peddling TBH. That's from using Outlook at work but not with an exchange server - so it's probably handling 'local' email in the same was as OE. With exchange it's (somewhat) better though I suppose that all depends on how good / bad a company's exchange server actually is.

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