Not really looking for an answer here - but this is a strange one.

Before I moved over to x64, I made an image of my 32bit XP install on another partition.

I now want to restore that partition using the Ghost CD which boots into what I guess is a Norton-branded Windows PE version.

Motherboard is an MSI K8N and I'm using the nvidia RAID on SATA for my OS.

I prepare my floppy with my RAID drivers, then boot the Norton CD. When it asks for "Press F6...", I do that. I stick my floppy in, hit S, select the drivers and then I can hear the floppy drive load the drivers. Once that's done, Norton carries on booting up. At the end of the progress bar (the black and white one you get on dos-format windows 2000 starting up) I get a message saying "the file nvraid.sys could not be found". But you've just loaded it from the frikkin floppy

Only option is to hit any key which reboots.

I've tried different driver versions - the Win2k ones and the WinXP ones. Even tried the x64 ones, but it really didn't like those

Anyone else come across this? Looks like the drivers don't work for Win PE

Incidentally, I used to use Powerquest drive image which didn't need any drivers for RAID controllers. How I wish I had made my XP image with that instead of this Ghost application