extract that to a folder

download Real Alternative and Quicktime Alternative

dump them in the same directory, then double click on my face

it will tell you whats going on and will prompt you to press anykey after the creation of each file.

it cleans up the files it uses too, and should work for all future releases of both programs (assuming they don't change the ini file structure, if they do i'll update them)

you'll be left with Real.exe and Quick.exe -both are switchless silent installers

nb. close IE and Firefox when running them they can be called from runoncex during an install if you want to do it that way.

-the files it uses are hidden in the directory (to keep it looking clean) and are unhidden when in use and re-hidden at the end.

i'll soon make one for media player classic along with ffdshow, maybe even one big file that installs the lot -i'll make the makers for the files so you guys can run them yourselves.