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Thread: Access 2002 Copy Data from Form into Table

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    Lightbulb Access 2002 Copy Data from Form into Table

    I am trying to copy data inputted into a form to a table.
    this is because there are calculated fields in the form andso in future if a calculation changes all previous entries will change to adjust for the new formula.
    So ..

    I need to copy the data from the form into a table where the data can be stored without it being linked to any formulae.

    Any ideas-I thought i may need to do SQL statement or VB if necessary or is there Anything in Access which could do this???

    Thanks for any ideas guys!!!

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    easy peasy

    do all the data input with calculations in a query - results will be exactly the same as the form. Base a form on that query, if you still need the form

    anyway, the query can be turned into a MAKE-TABLE query, either for a one-off, or permanently (I assume you don't need the latter)

    it will dump everything into a new table, as static data. No formulae left, of course, because tables can't handle them.

    btw, to do the above, inside the query, go to the QUERY menu and select MAKE TABLE QUERY, etc
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