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Thread: Recommend an Oracle query optimisation book or course

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    Recommend an Oracle query optimisation book or course

    Can anyone recommend a book on oracle query optimisation and/or recommend a course?

    Bit of background:

    This year's task is to optimisation a few oracle SQL reports - ok may be a couple of hundred.

    I can see obvious optimisations, but there are some reports that are slow and I need to work out it that are just slow or if it is the 'query execution plan' for them than is none to clever. So I need to understand oracle's EXPLAIN PLAN output.

    Currently using oracle 8 but will be moving to 9 or 10 later this year it that makes any difference.


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    all the 9i docs..

    and the how to use EXPLAIN PLAN bit:

    these are all for 9i release 2 which is the earliest version of Orable that you should be using in a production enviroment imho. (even though we are still using 7.3.3 and 8.1.7 )

    shout of you have any questions not answered in the docs


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