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Thread: Need help uninstalling windows media player 11

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    Need help uninstalling windows media player 11

    Hi guys,

    Was wondering if anyone had the 2 files needed for uninstalling Windows media player 11.
    Can you kindly send me an email brianchelliah @ with the following 2 files, as I reckon having media player 11 is not compatible with one of my mp3 devices.
    I believe with media player 10 it might work, but I can;t load back to it, since one of the delete files is not present, as it got deleted by cleandisc cc or something. I've tried re-installing it and uninstalling it, and that did not work either.



    Anyones help will be much appreciated!!!!!


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    I'm just curious as to why you posted this in the flash memory section here under Corsair support? You'll likely get assistance for that in one of the other Hexus sections for general OS or application support.

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