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Thread: The Stick massage Tool

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    The Stick massage Tool

    Hey all,

    I was just wondering has anyone got one? Anyone had any experience with them?

    I tried one of the sticks at the London marathon Expo and it did feel good but it was in the middle of a hot loud room so didn't really get a good try with it.

    I've got a foam roller but the stick seems to be a lot easier to get the pressure into the specific area of muscle which sounds like a good thing.

    So anyone got any opinions on them? They are quite expensive which is why I really want some feedback before shelling out on it

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    Re: The Stick massage Tool

    For runners, foam rollers and massage sticks are saviors.
    They help to loosen muscle knots developed from running and training and even help condition them for the next run.

    I'm not sure what type of foam roller you have (here are main foam roller types), and I'm guessing you have a less dense one.

    Massage sticks are much denser and many come with a bumpy surface.
    They get to your knots and penetrate your target area more than foam rollers. If you are not used to it, you may find the stick messaging experience painful.

    Areas and muscles you can work on are pretty much the same as foam rollers. Here are over 15+ messages you can do with either a foam roller or massage stick.

    If you are starting out, get a milder surface. Ones with a bit less bumps. You can also get a harder, bumpier surfaced stick once you get started.

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