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Thread: Comparison between HD Disc and Blue Ray

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    Question Comparison between HD Disc and Blue Ray

    I have been trying to find some technical information on the above subject as I am doing a case study for a college course and am finding it incredibly difficult to find the in depth information I need. So, I was wondering if anybody out there would be able to point me in the right direction. Firstly I need to know about the different codecs used for compression on HD & BD. I am also struggling to find any technical information on the signal flow between the laser and the disc, how the information is written and retrieved, i have the basics re the pits and the layers but i need to obtain a deeper level of information, which i don't truly understand myself. If anyone can help me I would be soo grateful as I am very confused at the moment.

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    Re: Comparison between HD Disc and Blue Ray

    3rd google result when searching for "blu ray" ... It is not "blue".

    AFAIK pit and laser reading is all pretty much the same as CD/DVD stuff - except different wavelengths and smaller "pits" so greater data density.
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