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Thread: 2nd GTX 470 from SCAN having major problems. (1410 Errors, OCCT

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    2nd GTX 470 from SCAN having major problems. (1410 Errors, OCCT

    This is my second (first was faulty, now this one is too) GTX 470 by ASUS from SCAN
    First one did the same thing really and it's annoying me 'so' much I can't belive it. I feel like I have wasted my money on this card because I've got a replacement from SCAN and it's still crashing with artefacts not to mention my results from the OCCT GPU test.
    In that I ran my card for just over 8 minutes with shaders on '8'. At exactly 500 seconds I had:
    Errors: 1410
    GPU Temp: 78

    I don't think you can count 1410 as normal?
    The card crashes giving me real nasty artefacts like my other GTX 470. I'm just sick of having problems.
    I do like SCAN as a company but if problems like this keep on arising it might turn me away for good.

    I can't sit down and play a good game for a few hours with out the damn thing crashing at all.
    Personally I am in demand for a re-fund or credit to buy me a brand new EVGA GTX 570 from SCAN hoping these problems are fixed with this model.

    Please help me out here SCAN I'm really really not happy about this.


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    Re: 2nd GTX 470 from SCAN having major problems. (1410 Errors, OCCT

    danny you've posted in the wrong forum! You need to post this in the forum to get a response.

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