hello. i just got this motherboard 3 days ago. everything boots up fine and runs but there are a couple things i want to ake sure are right.

first i have 2x512 pc2700 and in cpu-z it shows my memoery is running at 155mhz. aint it pose to run at 166mhz?!

second. in sisoft sandra on the cpu info it says my voltage is to high...how can this be i never even touched it? abit EQ shows my voltage as 139-141

THIRD. my ddr voltage is 2.69 is that right?

FOURTH. should i set HT LINK to 1000mhz? it is set at defualt on 800mhz but my processor (amd athlon 64 3700+) says it supports 1000mhz. also i have stepping E6 and i dont see that in abit's compatability list only E4...is that bad?

and finnaly my mouse in windows xp is kinda sluggish and laggy compared to what it use to be on my msi motherboard. does that hae ANYTHING to do with motherboard or is it just me?