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Thread: Ibook or Powerbook?

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    Ibook or Powerbook?

    Im about to buy an ibook or powerbook - I want the powerbook, as my friend says only women buy the ibook, but i dont really need the better graphics of the powerbook.

    Why should i buy a powerbook over the ibook, or shouldnt i?

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    ibook, there's naff all between them in terms of specs, but it's a hell of a lot cheaper (therefore is still cheap once you beef it up, unlike the powerbook..)

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    Aye at the moment you'd be silly to get the powerbook.

    You might want to read this though

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    iBook, 12 inch...screens are sposed to be better than on the 14 inchers. I had a G3 one myself, and they are lovely computers...PBs are overpriced right now as mentioned, the only reason for getting one is if you need a bigger screen or better gfx chip....bearing in mind the iBook can be made to support spanning (Apple "turn off" display spanning), but the PBs (15 and 17 inch) do have some advanced ports: DVI, FireWire 800 (and macs boot nicely from external drives...if you want top performance then a fast 3.5 inch drive in a FW800 enclosure would be good...)

    12 inchers are CHEAP, add in memory, decent size hard drive and you're still well under a grand...
    Well Hello!

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    iBook no question, SO much better value for money, like peeps have said, beef it up, add the ram, the extra HD space, the bluetooth etc, it'll still be under a grand

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    I'd say iBook, we've got two of em at home, and they aren't bad machines. THey have caught up with the powerbooks, and unless you desperately need the bigger screen sizes, they are just as good as.

    The 14" iBook, unlike the 15" powerbooks, still only support 1024x768, the same max as the 12", so unless you desperately need the size, stick with a 12" and use the money for more ram.

    I don't thinkn the current iBooks have DVI, they use a special connector which can give either VGA, S-Video or Composite. And they don't support dual monitors, only mirroring. I am told this is because of heat issues, and there have been reports of iBooks breaking owing to them being hacked to allow it, but I know of anone who has it happen to them personally.

    Hope this helps.
    The Caped Crusader :-)

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    Thanks for the comments guys - Looking like the ibook will win - the only thing putting me off is being mercilessly teased by my powerbook owning friend, maybe a tin of hammerite paint will be called for

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