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Thread: Just seen the offical Video from Millbrook

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    Just seen the offical Video from Millbrook

    *sits and cries*

    if we had more power....we'd be there....on it....busting balls

    Seriously.....the mistakes that other guys were making...they're ALL OVER the place.

    We are neat, commited and smooth.

    I have 8 minutes of coverage of just our car....

    HOW DO I GET VIDEO TO MPEG without a video card?

    Gotta guys NEED to see some of this...and now I've seen it from "outside" I feel better about tomorrow....

    but we cant keep up with those fast cars UNLESS they mess up even more..... OR blow up. The VTEC Honda's still climb when the European cars (205's 106's Nova's and humble Astra's) give up on the 1 in 1 inclines.

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    Ask David to lend you one??? We NEED to see this video man

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