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Thread: Why did you buy the car that you drive?

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    Re: Why did you buy the car that you drive?

    Quote Originally Posted by scottyman View Post
    I did try the Q7, but it felt much smaller
    I've driven a couple of our customers Q7's, couldn't believe how something that big could feel so cramped when sat in the drivers seat...

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    Re: Why did you buy the car that you drive?

    When i was 18 I passed my driving test. Now the fun begins as most of you know. The toss up between insurance and a decent car is always a problem. so I decided to go with a 1.9TD Peugeot 306 1999, but with IKube insurance. That meant a black box and a curfew of 2300. No problem for a 18 year old.....right?
    apart from getting a few insurance fine's (£45 a night) for going past my curfew it was the best choice I made, that 1.9TD engine was mechanical and tuning it was part of the fun. Dirty Derv.

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