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Thread: 306 door leaking

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    306 door leaking

    i have a 1998 peugeot 306 which has decided to leak water in to the footwell of the drivers side and when the car is parked it the opposite direction the passengers side too.
    the leak is at the bottom of the door, about two inches back from the front.
    when i have looked at the seals they look as if they are saturated with water, but i cannot work out how.
    i wondered whether the wate was entering through the door frame as i have heard the glue expands when it is hot weather.
    if anyone has had similar or knows how to fix it i would be totally grateful


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    Hi Deidman,

    my brother had a very similar issue to this, he tried everything, even down to replacing the windscreen as he was told it could be leaking, in the end it was none of those.

    It turned out to be a blocked drainage hole under the gap between the bulkhead and the engine. This was a Passat and the location I'm talking about is just below the battery. The water built up over time and eventually leaked into the car and drained down to the footwells.

    Have a look in the engine bay near to the bulkhead (where your water drains to from the top of your bonnet) and see if you can see any leaves or anything, these may be clogging a drain hole and causing the overflow.

    Hope this helps.
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    I had similar with my 306, I was told it was the membrane behind the window, that was replaced and it didnt leak again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raz316
    I had similar with my 306, I was told it was the membrane behind the window, that was replaced and it didnt leak again.
    Just done this on a 306 and it cured it, although we decided to forgo the new membrane and riveted a fertiliser bag on there...

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    hold up could be something else

    The roof mounted aerial....

    water gets in the seal, and moves down to the edge of tthe door frame and then down behind the rubber seal of the door and into the footwell, looking for all the world like a leaking doow seal.

    To check, take out the interior lamp cluster in the roof near the rear view mirror...if its wet, you've found your problem. Loosen aerai from inside, and use sealant bum of some sort (silicon) or better...but a new seal.

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