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Thread: Case mod - 50th Anniversary Team Lotus Tribute case.

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    Case mod - 50th Anniversary Team Lotus Tribute case.


    I think I've finally flipped.

    In 4 weeks I'm going to plan, buy, modify and custom paint a case to celebrate Team Lotus' 50th birthday.

    Most important part is going to be the paint scheme.

    As it's Team Lotus it makes it harder to tie it all in - but also easier in a way.

    Team lotus went through 4 major phases
    1) British Racing Green with a Yellow Stripe going down the centre
    2) Team Gold Leaf Lotus - Red and white with a gold stripe seperating
    3) John Player Special Team Lotus - Black and Gold *possibly the best colourscheme*
    4) Camel Team Lotus - Yellow and blue

    My first decision is case.

    Needs to be fairly plain - the emphasis is the team NOT the case.

    Midi tower then - my choice is either the Cheiftec Dragon in beige or the Chieftec Matrix in beige. Beige is easiest to paint over and you wont miss it when it's gone.

    Next is which Colourscheme... I though long and hard about this and just couldn't decide.

    So I didn't pick one. I'm going to use all 4.

    The front and back will be filled and smoothed and be the green with a yellow stripe down it.

    One of the sides will be the Team Gold Leaf colours

    Another will be the John Player Special colours.

    Top will be the Camel colours.

    I think I may be going a little far there, but who cares.

    Anything that is gold on the cars will be gold on the case. Going to try to use gold leaf. First for me - never used this stuff at all, haven't seen it elsewhere on any cases either.

    Thinking about making a replacement side panel from Carbon Fibre to accurately replicate the panels on the later JPS cars when the logo's were put straight onto the carbon - may be too much though. Maybe carbon effect sticky backed plastic.

    All the Championship wins will be marked too - little laurel werath with the year and which championship was won - nice and simple.

    As for mods - the KISS effect is going to come ino play here.


    Very few mods are going to happen - the front will be filled and flattened - the power button will be moved - to the center of the case at the bottom in the yellow stripe - and will be replaced with a Lotus bonnet badge.

    Fan grills will be cut out as per normal.

    Interior will be painted too - thinking white - total contrast.

    Initial doodles and photochopped pics to follow.

    Am I mad to try and do this in 4 weeks of weekends and evenings?

    Oh..and if anyone has any suggestions..I'm all ears.


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    Righty ho...

    Been working on these for a bit.

    Graphics tablet is knackered, so have had to use a mouse to do it - much harder.


    Problem is Lotus isn't just one era or colour.

    If it was for the 80th birthday of Ferrari - piece of pish - blood red...well...unless you wanted to include the blue *sorry...Bloo* F1 cars they did back in the 50's..

    Lotus had 4 main liverys..and that case covers all 4 bases.

    If I had the time and money I would do 4 cases - one for each..hell that would be very cool. I don't think I could manage 1 a week, especially with all the gold leafing to do on the JPS style one.

    May get tweaked some more design wise though. Only just thought of those red flashes with the drivers names on. They were on the cars so chuck em on the case.

    The chassis for that design was the Chieftec Matrix - seems the better choice - has more holes to fill but the front seems much flatter than the Dragon - should make it easier.


    Anyone know if the door handles are easily removable on chieftec cases.

    Never owned one so have no idea whatsoever.

    Anyone got any good pictures of a Chieftec Matrix case - or even just the chassis on its own??


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    Ello again.

    Received a few suggestions for other ideas.

    One was a stensil effect of Jimmy Clark in his 49 on the case - major pain in the arse to do I think.

    Someone suggested just doing it green with the central yelolow stripe - doesn't cover enough of Team Lotus' history.

    Blowhole to emulate the radiator air intake of the 49 - this I like - trying to think of a way to fit it in.

    Even had one suggestion to fit wheels and a front wing to it...Big wheels - ok..thats enough.


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    it has to be one colour,

    you either have to pick the origional green/yellow - which could work quite nice, or the JPS which with a black case could also work.

    no drivers names and stuff like that, just the colour sheme.

    I'll getting the lotus car badge shouldn't be that hard to do from the car owners club, perhaps a side pannel window with a lotus etching could be arty farty ?
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