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Thread: Snow Patrol - GO SEE THEM!!!

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    Snow Patrol - GO SEE THEM!!!

    Went to Somerset House last night, the Grolsch Summer Set - to see Snow Patrol and OMG this band are absolutely FANTASTIC live!!!!!!!

    If anyone gets a chance to go see them, DO IT because they are truly brilliant!
    It was quite a small Gig and I was right at the front, screaming my head off, singing to all the songs and jumping about like a fruitcake!!! But they were awsome and I strongly recommend them.

    The were supported by Bell X1 and I am Kloot who were also fabulous - but Snow Patrol rightly out did the both of them.

    Cant wait for V Festival now!!!
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    seen them as the support act at a grandaddy gig, and i found the music repetitive and dull. by the end of it my stony glare lead the frontman to question whether myself & my friernd were planning to kill them

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    you need to see a band headlining to truely see how great they are

    i love hell is for heroes, one of my favourite bands - needless to say when they were supporting feeder not far away i grabbed myself some tickets and headed down there - everyone was there for feeder no-one seemed to know them and thought they were pretty bad. i thought they put on a pretty bad show as they didnt have a the crowd supporting them, people were standing there with their beers thinking, what!? some guy came up to me said the musics sh*te isnt, i replied with a simple 'bog off'

    anyway, few months later the guys were back in town headlining, i thought i have to go, and from being a bit boring, they went to amazing, mind blowing geniuses up on that stage - was one of my favourite gigs ever, even though i wasnt too impressed before

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    snow patrol is from banger in northern ireland which is about 4 miles from me. they are playing in belfast and i am going to see them. my mates group element is backing them up who are also brilliant. (they backed up muse in february over here).

    But yea snow patrol rock. a whole diff genre of music.
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