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    Arrow Need More CD's

    At the moment, I only have 7 CD's, so I'm obviously looking to buy some more. I'm currently into Guns n Roses, but I also have some Queen CD's and 1 Nirvana. Thanks is all .

    Could you suggest some albums that I might like please? I have no idea what to buy tbh. I want something more GnR than Queen. I've been looking at Metallica, but I'm not 100% convinced. I've heard a few samples of the songs, and they seem a bit heavy and samey. Still, I'm open to suggestions, but so far, that sounds the best.

    If you suggest something, could you suggest an album, because I won't have a clue, and maybe (asking too much ) somewhere to listen to a sample?


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    Metallica eh....

    *cracks knuckles*

    What songs have you listened to? All depends on your tastes as to what album you'll prefer, being more into thrash I prefer the first 3 albums by far. Try these tracks -

    Whiskey in the jar
    King Nothing
    2x4 (heavy but groovy in a strange way)
    Sabbra Cadabra
    Nothing Else Matters
    Enter Sandman

    Album wise -

    Black Album
    Load & Reload
    Garage Inc

    are probably the best bets if you don't like it too heavy.

    Check out some Led zepplin, velvet revolver, slash's snakepit, pink floyd (an aqquired taste), Alter Bridge, Creed, maybe some evanesence (sp?), Black Label Society, L.A Guns, The Who, The Doors (similar to pink floyd in some respects) and Maybe a bit of The Clash

    Obviously sample some tracks first because some of those albums may be a bit heavy/not too your taste.

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