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Thread: AMIGA Snow Bros.!!!

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    AMIGA Snow Bros.!!!

    It just came to my attention that Snow Bros was actually released for the AMIGA back in 1991 by Ocean!

    I really don't know how I could have missed this back in the day, as I was heavily into the AMIGA scene more than anything else back then.

    So, how well does the AMIGA version stand up against the Arcade, SEGA Mega Drive, NES and Gameboy versions, in the graphics, gameplay & Audio departments.

    I imagine that AMIGA Snow Bros traditionally smokes all other versions in the music department at least, due to the superior audio capabilities.

    Intro & Levels:
    YouTube - Snow Bros. (Amiga) Longplay 1/4

    Various Levels:
    YouTube - Snow Bros. (Amiga) Longplay 3/4
    YouTube - Snow Bros. (Amiga) Longplay 2/4

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    Re: AMIGA Snow Bros.!!!

    Yep quality game, the snow bros on amiga was never released but since then it was found and is on aGTW site you know
    it all came from this thread
    Snow Bros Amiga - English Amiga Board
    which a user said he lived near the original creator of snow bros.
    When ocean france closed the game never got released, so he promised the game and the community went mad but the thread got closed because he keeps teasing them, eventually after about a year of the thread starting an announcement was made.....and the rest is history lol

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