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Thread: Fifa 06 - game pads

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    Fifa 06 - game pads

    I have two game pads (both mock ups of the PS2 game pad) however the buttons are numbered differently on both the pads and hence they don't do the same moves:

    So if button 1 is shoot on one pad it is also button 1 on the other pad but in a different position

    When i change the config for one pad within fifa it applies it to the other one as well. In other words the two button configs for each pads are linked together and are not independent of each other.

    Now i find the config for gamepad2 very annoying and unnatural for example button 1 is shoot on game pad 1 but i don't like shooting with the bottom button as it is with game pad 2 id rather it in the left position (or the square button on a PS2). I would like to apply the following config to gamepad 2 (this is how it is for gamepad1 as far as the positions are concerned)

    Button 1 = Pass - X on PS2 pad
    Button 2 = Shoot - Square on a PS2 pad
    Button 3 = Cross - Circle PS2 Pad
    Button 4 = Through ball = Triangle on PS2 pad

    I find this the most natural way to play fifa and i believe its the same setup on the Playstation1/2 aswell. Is there a way to apply the two configs without it messing the config of the other pad up. I may be doing somthing wrong when i set them up but i don't think i am.

    I did apply a patch when i first had fifa because the menus kept scrolling due to some conflict with the input devices. It was a known problem. If i remove this i can't navigate or use fifa very well in fact its nearly impossible to control a player. So maybe the patch has caused my problem but i don't know for sure. Any help with this would be much appreciated.
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