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Thread: General Chit Chat - PS3

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    General Chit Chat - PS3


    I'm probably one of many people who cant decided between the 360 and PS3. I keep deciding to go with the 360 but then i see the PS3 and think maybe it's worth waiting?

    I just wanted to see if i could get a few things cleared up about the PS3

    Is it true about GT4..... 2 Versions one with no games and tracks and the other with 4 tracks and 30 cars? Then if you want the other tracks/cars you need to go online and spend between $0.49 - $4.79 ish?

    Also is it true as soon as you play a game in your PS3 you wont be able to play it in any other PS3?

    I'd like to stay with PS as i've had the previous, but i really cant see any advantage of spending that extra money. Will it be more powerful?..... I cant see any difference in hardware spec.

    The only reason why i would stick with PS is to have the Formula One game. (die hard Forumla one fan!) It's a shame they dont have it on the 360 otherwise it would be easy to pick.

    Would be good to hear your thoughts.

    Thanks all


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    Is the Formula 1 game really worth all that extra money, you say you like GT series so maybe you could to the Xbox for Project Gotham Racing and the like for Le Mans style racing.

    As for the games being locked to a console, thats rubbish and just scare mongering by militant anti-Sony geeks.

    GT4 pricing...there is a thread around here somewhere so do a seach and it will pop up!

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    about the games being locked thing I am sure i heard that the CEO of sony made sure that everyone was clear that that would not be the case, apparently it was at one point but I can't see how any company could even debate such a stupid thing...
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    Well its not fair judging Sony that way. Me thinks the situations will remain similar to what we see on the Xbox PS2 thingy, perhaps this time round, Xbox gets a better share of the market. Playstation will always have titles which ppl will love, even if you some of you don't. GT series, despite its flaws on the AI, can never be replaced by even say Forza. Liekwise, Forza will have its taste that no GT will be able to replace.

    Likewise for any other title, Xbox will have Halo, so PS will have MGS. Xbox will have Fable, so PS will have a 'better' version of Final Fantasy. Eventually PERHAPS, Xbox might be in a better position to excel faster, but I do not see that coming anytime soon. Japanese publishers will still support japanese companies. Yes, they will begin to develop games for the evil MS, but most of their best titles will ALWAYS go to japanese consoles such as PS3 and Wii.

    EDIT: One of the things I take very lightly is how many ppl thinks about how rotten Sony are to their customers and publishers and Microsoft isnt. How? Where? I mean, It has always been common practice for japanese to matter more on their own ppl than everyone else. As bad as they treat us, they still keep their ppl happy (at least happier than us). We just get the better side of Microsoft just because we are in the UK and not in say Australia or South East Asia. Down under Microsoft is just as rotten I tell you...
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