Hey everyone, just wanted to see if I was headed in the right direction. So please let me know what you think.

I would like to get back into IT. I have been working in the family business for the 5 years and now either have to take over or move on. We run a small mortgage brokerage and on the side, i look after the family property portfolio. I find the work quite dull and boring, because of this I feel I dont give it my best. Moneys great but to me there is little or no job satisfaction. There are some other personal reasons I wouldnt want to take over too...

My previously employment has always been in IT. From the age of 16-20 I worked part time in a local computer store, learning to build and repair PC's, as well customer support, over the counter sales etc etc. From May 98 to October 98, i worked in my local school, assisting a rather grand network overhaul. Got loads of practical experince working in a network environment as well as exposure to Cisco technology.

After I finished my degree, (Chemistry), for some reason I didnt go down the graduate recruitment path. To be honest I have no idea why..... I bumped into someone I knew, who had recently opened a new computer shop in London, and they needed someone to manage it. I did that for about a year.

Then an opening came up in their network support department which I applied for and got the position. We used to provide SLA's for about 25-30 firms, the majority of them based in or around London. Was a mixture of 1st, 2nd and 3rd line support. As well as some overhauls, upgrades, design and implementation. For either our current customers or new ones. I really enjoyed it. I'm a techy at heart and love to solve problems. Coupled with the fact that I have really good communication skills I excelled at my job.

Mothers business was expanding rapidly and even though I enjoyed what I was doing, it seemed to myself and other that my employers were taking advantage of me. So mum asked me to come and help her. Now after 5 years later, her health has started to decline shes wants to hand over. As i said above its not something Im keen on.

So I started to look at getting abck into IT, having been out of the industry for 5 years, many of the recruitment firms didnt seem to interested. (Not completely out of it, setup, maintain the network we have here, written a few databases for the staff, and still building and supporting practically all of my friends and families PC's).

I felt that I need to get some professional qualifications under my belt. I found a few "training camps" that offered course over short periods. However being residentual courses and very expensive I decided against them.

I found another place, which offered a less intensive package, seven weeks for 2 MS modules, CCNA and A+. They also offered a job guaranty at the end of it. For roughly £3500. Again I felt it wasnt worth the money. So I decided to do it myself and in my own time. So far I have completed one MS module and one of the A+ examinations.

The plan is to get the next A+ examination done so that I have two qualifications and then look for employment. Is this the best way to move forward? Some of my friends feel that with my previous experience and ability I'm wasting time and money on these courses and I should just start looking fro a job. Others feel I should complete at least the MCSA or MCSE before looking for work. (and ofc members of my close family think I should just take over the business!)

So am I on the right track?