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Thread: How the hell am i suppose to know this?

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    How the hell am i suppose to know this?

    I've just been trying to go through an online finance service for buy now pay no interest if balance cleared within 9months deal thing with, all was going fine until i got to this question "date your bank account was opened" Now i don't know about anyone else but i'm 22 and have had my account since i was a kid, do they honestly expect anyone to know this (apart from the person who opened their account last week or the anally retentive person that keeps every letter) i mean come on, i was like 6-7 when my mum opened it for me.

    I had to guess the date, and after that my finance was "refered" which is probably (knowing my luck) due to this date being out.
    The stupidly ironic thing is that if i wasn't working today to earn money to pay for things like finance as an example, i'd have been able to try and find out this stupid answer probably (if it weren't a bank holiday), now i'm stuck wondering whether or not to just put it all on my credit card so i can get the stuff that was in deal of the day rather than wait and find it's rejected or something, but that means having to pay interest on it from my credit card which was exactly what i was trying to avoid and just save myself some money.

    Anyway, i've sidetracked my point, my point is, has anyone else come across a stupid question like this elsewhere (job application forms etc..) that although relevant it might be, you'd have no chance of really knowing the answer without having to go out of your way an research. i.e the name of your great grans forth cat?

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    Just guess it. I've never needed to accurately answer that question.

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    This is just a basic reference point, just try and approximate to te time you started the account up within a year. As long as the major information is correct i.e. account no, sort code etc... there will be no problem
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