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Thread: Download Festival

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    free? godamnit that musta been the only free thing there htey were charging 3 quid for a 500 ml bottle of water on the sunday !

    the camper would be cool to stay in but if i was to go again id only have a small car, so id end up camping either way

    shame we missed you dude, i was amazed at the amount of people i bumped into there just from walking around considering the amount of people there, i saw about 5 ppl from my old school, and a few girls i knew from college, i managed to find my mates pretty easy even when we got seperated for ages, which was strange

    we had naff all food, i lost 3lb that weekend, didnt really drink a lot either, but would have with you if i saw you dude
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    I'll be off there next year, providing the line up is A.O.K. Will be camping with a bunch of people off the AMEN msgboard, but it'd be nice to shake hands/nod heads with a few of you lot, if the opportunity arised.

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