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Thread: Tiscali Customer Services

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    Tiscali Customer Services

    IS IN INDIA!!!

    And if you need them to help you - they are AWFULLY nice.... but cannot understand you unless it is in their script!!!!

    Ive had a nightmare this week. Last Sunday my BB connection decided it was time to start messing me around and kept telling me that my User ID & Password was incorrect even tho I have them auto filled - coz lets face its convenient.
    Well they got BT to do some line tests and it was working Monday morning, thankfully coz my exam results were coming by email!
    That was until I logged out and tried to sign in later that night...... coz I got the same error again.

    Spoke to Tiscali Tuesday - 3 times! Lost count of the number of times I had to SPELL my User Name and Password as I was typing it in - also I now have 3 Tiscali Network Connection Icons coz they kept telling me to create a new one to ensure I WAS SPELLING EVERYTHING RIGHT!!!!

    Anyway.... got told it would take 24hrs, bit disgruntled but put up with it.... after all, I can live without t'internet access surely????

    Wednesday, call them again - AGAIN end up spelling my User ID & Password, after repeating my phone number 5 times before they understand it!! They escalate the problem - get told it could take 48 hrs............

    48 hrs???!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I express my utter disgust and explain how unhappy I am... whilst being polite.

    Thursday - another phone call, again express my disgust - reply I get quote "Yes we understand how distressed you are Ms Xxxxx, we can see from our logs that you have called us many times"!!!!!

    Bless em!

    Well..... its fixed now, obviously.... and they were very nice people, I just felt like banging my head repeatedly against my desk because Im sure they did not understand the severity of my problem - NO T'INTERNET???? This isnt the stone ages you know!!

    *and breathe*

    Rant over!
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    you use tiscali so what did you expect

    eclipse are the dogs danglies for cust support ,tiscali well there just plain dog poo tbh

    but i do have to sympathize with you loosing the net for a while, i nearly didnt survive it the last time it happened to me infact i still have nightmares to this day after having to watch daytime telly to fill the void

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    I use Tiscali, and you really do have to give thme 10/10 for being polite. But getting them to understand what your saying is another matter.

    They are however much better than NTL! (in my experiance).
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