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Thread: Making money on ebay, Is it a worthy prospect?

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    Making money on ebay, Is it a worthy prospect?

    I've recently being toying with the idea of setting up an ebay store and buying wholesale goods in bulk and selling them on with a small markup. However, I need some advice. Has anyone here tried this and is it worth it?

    Also I've considered writing ebooks and selling those. Is that worth it at all? I'm a bit of an entrepreneur at heart, but I don't know that much about running businesses in the real world!



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    It depends what you're planning on selling. Chances are, someone from China will sell a knocked-off version cheaper and then list the thing hundreds of times.

    For ebooks, there's bound to be better places than eBay to sell them (if they are any good). The only books which tend to sell on eBay are "OMG MAKE MILLIONS ON EBAY WE SHOW YOU HOW!".

    I mainly use eBay for selling stuff I don't want anymore, and to be honest I usually get a pretty good price for the stuff. Except my 7600GT, which is only at £30 at the moment . 2 days left though.

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