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    Question Setting up TV-OUT...


    I have a Connect 3D 9800 Pro 128MB.

    I am trying to get TV-OUT working on to my 28" Proline TV (its not a wide screen)

    I am connecting it with a yellow cable that plugs in the front of my TV. Think its called the composite cable.

    Now i do have a picture on my TV

    In windows you carnt read anything, picture quailty is very poor. Why ?

    Also the screen on TV does not fit right. Its just to bigger picture for the TV size. Why ?

    Also when i try to watch a video it wont display on the TV. Why ?

    Cheers lads

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    Ok I'll try and answer in order

    Yes, it's called a composite cable

    The text is all fuzzy and picture quality poor because TVs don't have the resolution PC monitors do. They're meant for video viewed far back, not text viewed at close proximity.

    If you go into your video card properties there'll probably be sizing options somewhere to move/squash the image to fit the screen.

    What video are you trying to watch? A DVD? Or an AVI/other movie file of some sort? What do you mean "it won't display on the TV"? You'll possibly need to play with the overlay settings in your graphics card's properties to get it working.

    Have fun

    Oh, I'd recommend using an SVideo cable from your graphics to your TV for improved picture quality
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