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Thread: Low Profile Fanless Graphics Card for an HTPC

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    Low Profile Fanless Graphics Card for an HTPC

    I'm trying to get the right balance for my new HTPC between no noise , no heat and decent playback.

    My Radeon 9800 with passive heatsink can barely be stuffed inside my new Antec case, so I am looking for a low profile card, without a fan, and with decent DVD playback - one day I may afford a plasma screen ....

    After a wearisome search I have come across this:

    Sapphire Radeon 9550SE 128MB AGP 64bit TV-Out DVI Lite Retail Box

    Any good? I doubt many games are going to get played on this.

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    Seems ideal for your needs.

    But you wont get any decent 3d games on it though. Scrabble, maybe.
    For an HTPC i'd probably get it.
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    So long as you do not want to play any games on your HTPC, this card will do just fine for your needs.

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