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Thread: Flashing G -Card BIOS

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    Flashing G -Card BIOS

    Hi there, i just want to confirm this before i go ahead and do it. I bought 2x BFG 7800 GT's a couple months back and there giving me a few probs, i have noticed that the two have different bios versions. I want to flash the card with the old version to same same version as the new card, the thing is i can't find a download for the bios, so if i do this will it work.....

    1. Use NVFlash and make a backup of the Bios on the card with the new version(use this backup on the old card)...

    2. Use NVFlash and make a backup of the Bios on the card with the old version (incase something goes wrong)....

    3. Then use NVFlash to flash the backup bios i made from the new card, onto the old card.

    Is this correct? Also when making the backup copies, does it matter what i name the files, ie can i say -b oldbios.bin (for the old card) and -b newbios.bin (for the new card)?

    I do realise that flashing the bios runs a risk of permantly damaging the card and will also void my warrenty.

    Thanks, any help will be appreciated
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    Sounds good in theory... maybe check if both cards are different PCB revisions as well? Cos maybe the newer BIOS won't work on the older PCB? Just a thought.


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