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Thread: Dark Video playback

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    Dark Video playback


    This is a bit of a strange one so im hoping someone can help.

    I have a XFX 6600GT gfx card and whenever I play back video (variety of sources, DVD, mpeg, avi) when i first open the source, it comes up very dark.

    I can then load up the Nvidia Control Panel and the video will go back to being normally coloured. If i then close the video or change sources (still with control panel open or not) it comes up dark again. And again if I open control panel or just change to another property page, it realises and sorts out the brightness/colour settings.

    So anyone got any idea whats going on?
    im running WinXP SP2 (all latest updates), 1Gb Ram, 3200+ AMD and gfx card has 128Mb PCI/E make/model as stated above,DX 9C.

    Ive already tried several incarnations of the Nvidia drivers as and when they have been released on the site (currently running ForceWare 91.47 so maybe a little out of date) but no change on each install.


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    I had a similar issue - If I recall correctly this is a known issue with conflicts between nVidiia drivers and some codecs. I got rid of the problem by reinstalling OS (when upgrading to vista).

    Try adjusting gamma settings as in pic at

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    Cheers for the advice Z80 but Im not going to reinstall Windows because of something like this.

    I have adjusted the gamma, there is no problem at all getting the video brighter if I want it to but Windoze wont remember the settings, it just defaults to this dark video playback whenever you open a new file or stick in another DVD.

    Open up the Nvidia control panel, back it comes all nice and bright! GRRRR

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