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Thread: Strange POST code out of the blue

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    Strange POST code out of the blue

    | went to start up my computer today and out of the blue it fails to start up and gives me a POST code of '25'. From a quick look on the internet it seems to be a problem with my graphics card, however, I've never had any problems with it, nothing happened to it since my computer was shut down last, it's not overclocked and is fairly new. Likewise, i've had no problems with my other components at all.

    I've tried unplugging and replacing other parts, resetting the CMOS, etc, but unfortunately I don't have another PCI/E graphics card to test with.

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    Try rebuilding it out of the case. Do you have another PSU you can try?

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    25 has also been seen associated with faulty IDE cables/drives & keyboards/mice

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    I've tried putting it together outside of the case and with another PSU with no luck. I've also tried a variety of mice and keyboards and have also tried with no IDE cables attached.

    I should mention that the last time I opened up my PC was to test an old IDE hard drive. If I damaged something doing this, what are the chances that I get a code of 25 when nothing is plugged into either of my IDE cable slots?
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