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Thread: Download a video from a website?

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    Download a video from a website?

    Im not sure if this infringes anyones copyright etc - but for example if i opened a link to something on youtube or fifth-gears websitewanted to save a video to my hdd is this possible? Or can you only watch them on the website? What im getting at is - do you have to be connected to the web to watch them?
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    You could use a site such as to download videos from YouTube, and then watch it either using a FLV (Flash video) player , or convert it using something along the lines of ffmpeg.

    For other websites, you might be able to find different methods - first thing to try is to check the source for the page. Naturally, whether you're allowed to do this depends on what you're downloading.
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    A little while back i needed to replace my back wheels inner tube and there was a great user created video of how to do this but i was without the internet so i googled youtube downloader and found this site (u just have to rename to .flv and then use freeware software such as flv player to play) got the video then took the vid home and job was a good'un .

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