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Thread: burning isues

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    burning isues

    may i know in which way is easiest (read: considering ease of use,etc.) to burn MP3 files and pictures to a CD....thru Nero 7 or thru Windows Media Player?

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    Personally I would use Nero. Can do everything that you need.

    Use the Nero smartstart, open it up from the taskbar, use the dropdown to select either CD or DVD. Then simply look at the menus and find exactly what you want to do.

    For example if you are just wanting to store photos on a disc then you would create a data CD. Same goes for MP3's if you are wanting to keep them that way. However there is an option to create an audio CD that can be played say in the car or on a standard player. Nero converts the MP3 file back to wav, you can also normalize the audio so that all the tracks are the same volume.

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