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Thread: Help With Vsync!! Seriously Bad Screen Tearing!!

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    Help With Vsync!! Seriously Bad Screen Tearing!!

    hey guys, i really need help with this problem. For some games, not all, i am experiencing really bad screen tearing!! They are horizontal lines which are really hard to ignore!!

    I have a CRT monitor and an ATI Radeon X850XT Platinum Edition. I am running on Windows Vista and i have updated to the most recent catalyst drivers for my OS.

    BTW is vertical refresh the same as vertical sync?? In the catalyst control panel i only see vertical refresh and i have set this to always on and i have found no difference in the quality of the graphics or any reductions in fps when i have set it to always on. I have also enabled triple buffering but this has only made a slight difference. I have every single setting such as AA and AF on full quality and the graphics are as good as i would like them but the tearing is just sooo annoying.

    What other options do i have??

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    Okay i just found out that vista doesnt force vsync in 3D games or something??

    Do you guys know anything about this??

    How can i force v-sync on??

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    Depending on the game it should be in either settings or a graphics option somewhere in the games menu's.

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    For games that don't have an option for v-sync, graphics card settings to force v-sync on will not have any impact because of vista BUT the new ATI tray tools forces v-sync on in vista!!

    Not sure about Nvidia but for ATI and for me its all good on vista now thanks to google search!!!

    Here is a link to downlod ati tray tools:

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