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Thread: Need networking solutions!!!

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    Need networking solutions!!!

    Can anyone tell me the best networking managed switches and unmanaged switches preferbly 48port gigabit switches. There are roughly 20 machines in 10 various rooms and 2 rooms with 40 machines.

    Also can anyone tell me the best wireless access point to use.

    These are all for educational purporses.



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    dell unmanaged switches look quite good for the price and i assume most schools/collages have a dell account. i would recommend that you have 100baset for the link between computers and the first switch.these can be unmanaged. you should then use a gigabit for a backbone. this switch should be managed. get a switch that allow vlaning and connect the wlans to a seperate vlan. and firewall off this lan. to protect the rest of the network. i'll throw together a diagram if you cant grasp what i'm on about.
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    best - many standards - but I guess for education price is important.

    i would have to say Dlink is good - I have always had good after sales support;
    of the others

    • I have been disappointed by 3-com and linksys
    • Never able to afford cisco (personally) though heard good things professionally
    • I had an excellent 10Mhz switch from HP - but when I needed support (which I had paid 50% extra for) they failed to meet their commitment and didn't give a t*** - I will never buy another product from them again

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    Dell web managed 16 port gigabit switches are on offer right now for £78 incl VAT and shipping, you'd just need a few of them. Their 24 and 48 port switches are fairly reasonably priced.

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