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Thread: video playback issue, strange one

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    video playback issue, strange one

    heyhey folks finally built my new system (and its amaaaaaaazing!) all is running fine and dandy except a strange problem

    after i play a game (at full res..with all settings on max..sorry i'm so giddy ) when i quit and try to play a video of any kind, its extremely dark with lil bits of the brightness n contrast are turned waaaaay down
    if i start up the nvidia control panel tho (do nothing else except launch it) then try to play the vid its fine

    got latest nv drivers
    spec is
    xfx 8800gts on 22" LG L226WTQ

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    Re: video playback issue, strange one

    Isn't this driver issue? Have you tried other sets? Or codec problem maybe? Try third party Video player with built-in codec(such as GOM)and see if that makes any difference. Or simply trading in for my inferior but perfect working card

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    Re: video playback issue, strange one

    Does indeed sound like the dreaded contrast bug.

    I fixed mine with a reinstall of the drivers, but even those are really flaky.
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