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Thread: Major Problem, not sure if its GFX or MB

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    Major Problem, not sure if its GFX or MB

    Hi all,
    Thanks in advanced for your help.

    Well, I found hexus and found an overclocking thread I decided to try out.

    After updating the BIOS on my P5K-E it began behaving strangely. CPU-Z would read 1600MHz on my Q6600 which is 2400. I tried updating the BIOS again using ASUS update but no avail.

    So I decided to try to remove the battery to see if it would help.

    After resetting the battery, I forgot to plug in the 6 pin molex to my Quadro FX 4600 Graphic card.

    When I turned it on. there was a HUGE (screaming) beep I could swear it was from the graphic card itself. I plugged in the 6 pin molex and restarted. NO PICTURE.

    My question is, did i just fry my graphic card? I tried contacting the seller on ebay regarding the warranty for it, no help at all. I think i'm in big trouble here.

    Is is possible to kill the graphic card by forgetting to connect the 6 pin molex power?

    I mean, if its TOO MUCH power and it fries, i perfectly understand, but I just cant imagine killing my graphic card by underpowering.

    I need some serious advice here. Today I just sent my P5k-E back to the supplier to see if they can find any problems with the motherboard. I have only a laptop and a desktop so testing it on another system or using another graphic card is out of the question.

    Maybe I should buy a cheapo graphic card on ebay just for testing's sake. That way I know for sure who the problem is.

    But, mainly my question is, did i Just kill my GPU by forgetting to plug in the 6 pin molex?

    Sincere Thanks

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    Re: Major Problem, not sure if its GFX or MB

    The beep is probably from your motherboard speaker, telling you that there is a problem with the card (no power).

    Try reseating the card. Check the motherboard standoffs, if one isnt tightened, it can stop the graphics card sitting in the slot properly.

    Check the cables (dvi etc, try with vga), check the monitor.

    Have a look in the bargain section, there are some dirt cheap pci-e cards, very useful for testing.

    It could also be that your card was dying to begin with.
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    Re: Major Problem, not sure if its GFX or MB

    Ah Clunk,
    Thanks so much. Just to let you know I must have read your overclocking guides (plusthe add on P5K deluxe) about 50 times in slow motion just to start to understanding how overclocking works. I really doubt my overclocking would have been any good if it weren't for that guide.
    It was really dang to be honest, everything seemed fine until I updated my BIOS and it began playing 1600 on my Q6600, and you know when you have no experience in this kinda stuff, you automatically think the BIOS is messed up and needs resetting.
    Opened up the PC, removed the GPU to reset the jumper, forgot to put the 6 pin molex back and all hell breaks loose.
    The FX 4600 was brand new, perfectly fine, I doubt it was on its dying bed.

    I typed "fx 4600 beep!" on google (thank god for google) and this came up:

    It seems that I guess the newer cards actually have a beeper on them.

    If you've never heard an FX 4600 beep, you really should hear it, it sounds like a girl screaming continuosly. Doens't stop till you pull the power plug.

    Well its ugly but I think what i'll do now is go to ebay and try to find a cheap GPU for testing's purposes and I probably gotta call scan to see when they will be sending me my P5K-e back.

    You know, I pulled the sticker off the P5K-E and lo and behold was printed there 'P5K Deluxe'. I sometimes wonder if my temps would be lower, or if my overclocking would be more stable (I use what you recommend, core temp I think its called)

    Well, cant do much now, i'll wait till I get a test GPU and my MB back and see what happens. I'll give an update soonest possible.

    Thanks for your help. Really appreciate the overclocking guide because the Q6600 and P5K was exactly what I was wanting to get within my budget.

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