Hi Folks.

I am having problems getting a phone adapter to work with my cordless DECT phone.

I initially bought a US Robotics Adapter 9620 (before I read your review!). The software installed ok, I connected up correctly, but the phone was dead. I couldn't even make land line calls, or receive land line calls. The Skype test call showed as being received but no sound. (The Skype service works with mic and speakers)

The supplier in the UK agreed to provide a refund and recommended the Zoom 5900 adapter. Guess what. The exact same problem. I contacted the Zoom help line and was eventually told that the drivers supplied were ancient and they agreed to send a new CD ROM, awaited.

After doing some internet searching, I found your reviews that criticised a D-Link adapter and the US Robotics 9620 as failing when up-dates of Skype were received. So far I have not found any reviews of the Zoom adapter.

One further point: I access broadband through an Orange Livebox that also has a phone attached. Could there be a conflict resulting from this phone + the Skype phone? If so, how do I fix it?

I would appreciate any comments from anyone about this problem. In particular, if the units are so dependent upon the Skype version, which is frequently updated, is the concept of the adapter flawed? Is there any product that is future-proof? (Hostage to fortune!)

Thanks in anticipation