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Thread: memory timings help please!

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    memory timings help please!

    Hi there,

    I recently built a new shuttle pc using the SN68PTG5 and need some help setting my memory. I got Corsair 2GB DDR2 XMS2-6400C5 TwinX thats meant to be set at 5-5-5-12-T1 at 1.9v. However it didn t default to this so i need to know what options to set. This is what it looks in the bios.

    Timing Mode
    Ø The Choice: Auto or MaxMemClk.

    Memory Clock value or Limi
    Setting platform Memclock.

    DDRII Timing Item

    TwTr Command Delay
    Ø The Choice: 1~3 bus clocks. Set at 3

    Trfc0 for DIMM0
    Ø The Choice: 75ns, 105ns, 127.5ns, 195ns, or 327.5ns. Set at 75

    Trfc1 for DIMM1
    Ø The Choice: 75ns, 105ns, 127.5ns, 195ns, or 327.5ns. Set at 75

    (Twr) Write Recovery Time
    Ø The Choice: 3~6 bus clocks. Set at 6

    (Trtp) Precharge Time
    Ø The Choice: 2~3 clocks. Set at 3

    (Trc) Row Cycle Time
    Ø The Choice: 11~26 bus clocks. Set at 26

    (Trcd)RAS to CAS R/W Delay
    Ø The Choice: 3~6 clocks. Set at 6

    (Trrd)RAS to RAS Delay
    Ø The Choice: 2~5 clocks. Set at 5

    (Trp)Row Precharge Time
    Ø The Choice: 3~6 clocks. Set at 6

    (Tras)Minimum RAS Active Time
    Ø The Choice: 5~18 bus clocks. Set at 18

    I have no idea what to change to make it run faster also the voltage is at default which is lower than 1.9.

    Please tell me what to change


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    Re: memory timings help please!

    The 5-5-5-12-T1 refers to CAS Latency - RAS to CAS RW Delay (Trcd) - Row Perchance Time (Trp) - Minimum Ras Active Time (Tras) - Command Timing.

    Doesn't actually look like you have all those options up there, but for what you have...

    TwTr Command Delay: leave at 3
    Trfc0 for DIMM0: leave at 75
    Trfc1 for DIMM1: leave at 75
    (Twr) Write Recovery Time: change to 5.
    (Trtp) Precharge Time: i think change to 2.
    (Trc) Row Cycle Time: change to Tras + Trp = 17
    (Trcd)RAS to CAS R/W Delay: change to 5
    (Trrd)RAS to RAS Delay: change to 3
    (Trp)Row Precharge Time: change to 5
    (Tras)Minimum RAS Active Time: change to 12

    theres a little more explanation about settings at Tech ARP - The Definitive BIOS Optimization Guide

    you should be able to change the ddr voltage on a seperate bios page. you don't have to hit a special key command to enable advanced bios settings to be visible do you?

    and fwiw, i have some corsair xms pc5400 c4 and it also didn't get set correctly by bios. unfortunately no amount of fiddling seems to have changed it, regardless of what the bios says

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